The Team


So, who are the muppets behind this venture?

Well, when we say by the fans, for the fans, we mean exactly that.

We’re all passionate about sport, whether its kicking a ball, passing a ball, hitting a puck or punching an opponent, it doesn’t matter to us. Combine this passion with a belief that youth and amateur teams should be celebrated as much as the professionals, and you have the foundations of FanaticHull.

The idea of publishing a fanzine, social media accounts and website, all dedicated to Hull and the surrounding area was first suggested, after our regular appearances on Hull Kingston Radio 107.4FM. The weekly sports shows, Talking Balls, Hull FC fan’s forum and Hull KR fan’s forum certainly have a lot to answer for.

In our day jobs the group is as diverse as you can imagine, from business professionals through to the students, who might get a job one day. We write with humour and an honesty which fans can relate to, and we’re not afraid to be critical when it’s needed. The fanzine is stuffed with enough funnies to get you through a boring nil nil draw or one of those games we’ve all been to, and wished we hadn’t.

We want feedback and contributors. If your team isn’t covered then get in touch or better still, write a match report or preview and send it to us at