City Season Shorts – The highs and lows

Not even a win against a poor Ipswich side can paper over the cracks at Hull City right now.  

Here’s what we’ve made of the past week or so:

That winning feeling

Let’s start with Ipswich. A game that wasn’t necessary glamours, but a game that brought City three much needed points against a pitiful excuse of a side, and dare we say, potential relegation rival. There’s that word again. Relegation. We refuse to rule it out, but this was, at the time at least, a step in the right direction. Unfortunately though with City under this regime it’s one step forward and two steps back, as the events at the DW Stadium proved.

Wigan away

Typical City. At Wigan the men in Black and Amber started the game well but had nothing to show for it and found themselves 2-0 down around a quarter of an hour later. Familiar feeling right? You bet’cha. Under constant rain City failed to take their chances, barring one moment of real quality, and were punished for it. A really frustrating defeat that exemplifies the troubles, and especially with a rancid run of games incoming, that City are in. Thankfully the general ineptness of this league might save Ehab’s blushes.

Bowen is back

One real positive thing to come out of the grind of September is Jarrod Bowen finding the back of the net again. He’s scored in each of the past two games now, looking both confident and clinical. That latter trait is one we’ve failed to see as much under Adkins as we did under Slutsky. Bowen is a fine young talent and must be allowed to express himself. He’s a finisher, as his goal tally over the past eighteen months proves.


Nigel Adkins is a really nice guy. He’s a credit to the club in many ways in that he always has time for the fans and even the City Ladies team, but he’s been taking too much spice with the smack heads near Albion Square if he really thinks Markus Henriksen and Kevin Stewart are the answer to City’s midfield. Henriksen had a few good moments towards the back end of last season but he’s not a player that inspires you, he lacks any passion or real quality. Compare him to Ian Ashbee, City’s most glorious captain, and they are worlds apart. As for Stewart, he got schooled by Ferriby’s Luke Lofts in pre-season so to put it nicely, there’s still a lot of convincing to be done.

Two up front

The midfield took a lot of criticism post-Wigan but one infuriating aspect of City’s line up was the strikers. Finally two were played up front. Hallelujah right? Well yeah if City had the capability to put the ball in the back of the net. This was a big opportunity for the Mali international Nouha Dicko to impress but he was wasteful in front of goal and in all honesty flattered to deceive. Yes Dicko is admirable, a real grafter who works well for the team, but he needs ten chances to score. That’s the harsh reality of his situation. As for Martin, he was given a first start in Tiger colours and was useless. His fitness clearly needs improving and it was bizarre why Adkins kept him on. Honestly big Jon Parkin has more pace. Wigan’s keeper could have spent the entire second half scratching paint off the goal-posts and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

A first half of two halves

It’s concerning that after looking comfortable and having the better of the opening exchanges that City crumbled the moment Wigan got any remote foothold on the game. Some positive stuff turned into the John Smith’s advert brand of hoofball. Not easy on the eye at all. Unfortunately so City are spineless. There’s little resilience about them and that stems from a poor midfield, an amateur-like defence and a lack of a goal-scorer up front. No second guesses to where the blame lies for that.

Batty’s injury

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Obviously Dan Batty isn’t going anywhere, but his brief absence from the team is becoming more noticeable than Ehab’s bellendry. The academy graduate has been City’s best central midfielder this season, and any criticism that comes his way is bizarre to say the least.

The curious case of Kamil Grosicki

Grosicki and his ego remains a Hull City player, so logic would dictate that Hull City need to get the best out of their most talented player until January at least, right? Not necessary. Grosicki has messed so many people about that he’s probably lost a bit of respect amongst his peers. He needs to prove he’s ready to fight for the Hull City cause. Only he can do that. That starts in training and when he does that to a reasonable standard you’d imagine he’ll be a part of Adkins’ plans. His cameo role at Wigan though was positive and the side looked better for it. Hopefully more to come.

Ex-Tiger curse

How many times does an ex-Tiger have a brilliant game or score against City? It happens so frequently. Nick Powell, once on loan at HCAFC, ran the show for Wigan. City players are still falling out of his pockets even now. Furthermore, Josh Windass, admittedly not an ex-Tiger, unlike his dad, who has esteemed legend status in this part of the world, also got on the scoresheet. Another ‘target’ that got away….

Crowds and accounts

A grand total of 11,650 souls were officially in attendance to witness City’s win over Ipswich, and given that the club inflate figures by 20%, a stat gloriously exposed by Amber Nectar last season, the actual gate was more in the region of 9,500. Definitely sub-10k. That’s the lowest figure for a league match at the KC/KCOM Stadium. Absolutely heartbreaking. More on the accounts in the next fanzine.

ipswich home.jpg

And on that note…

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