Drop in crowds isn’t all down to the Allams

Boring, tedious, and lacking passion. Just some of the adjectives heard as I came away from the Reading game, and I have to say, these sort of descriptions are bang on the money. 

Definitely two precious points dropped against a team that were as bad if not worse then the Tigers, but who so nearly stole it, (thank god for McGregor).

It got me thinking is the lack of crowd entirely down to the protests against the owners, or could the performances of the team and Nigel Adkins tactics also be a contributing factor. Granted, we have become harder to break down at the back, but we seem to have forgotten how to score. We look dull and stifled in attack, which is a massive worry.

Highly unlikely I know but if we were to draw our last 19 games through stout defensive work we would only have 44 points and certain relegation, teams have gone down from this league with 53 points, but if we can’t find the net then we are going to have to rely on draws and even smaller crowds then the phone box full that were in attendance a couple of weeks back.

The vast majority of empty seats ARE down to the work of the owners, but boring unattractive football with a defend first at all costs mentality makes it easier for fans not to return to the KCOM. As we are all aware it’s an expensive hobby to have watching football. Wavering fans and their families (if they’re rich enough to bring them) need to see at least some good football to be persuaded to come back. The rugby league season is starting again shortly so some City fans that also support Hull or Rovers may well spend their pennies watching the egg chasers which will impact on the attendances even further, just when the team need as much support as they can muster.

Slutsky was jettisoned because we lost too many games and we were sliding out of the division, but we were giving ourselves chances to win games because we were scoring a few goals. On the contrary though we kept fucking up at the back or running out of steam with 5 minutes to go. It’s a fine line I know but at least if we score we might win.

Adkins has to start getting the strikers firing and let the attacking shackles come off. He has said himself we need TEN wins to stay up so this is a must. Being strong at the back doesn’t win those games, it helps but no goals equal no wins. Ten wins and nine defeats gives us another 30 points and a chance, 19 bore draws gives us League One football and probable oblivion. It’s better to win two and lose two than grind out four draws.

As Nigel would say there was positives to take from the Reading game, but the negatives are outweighing those at the moment. I can’t put my finger on the reasons, but confidence isn’t something that can be turned on like a tap, and to me confidence is ebbing away and therefore the players are shrinking into their shells and it is impacting on performances. The longer this winless run goes on the quicker the confidence we have left drifts away. We know we’ve got players in our squad that can score on a regular basis, unless they are injured or sold, and reading between the lines and trying to decipher what is coming out of Allam towers, there won’t be any additions to what we have got. Nigel has to start conveying his undoubted confidence and enthusiasm into his forward line before long other wise he could soon become the next name on the growing list of ‘ex’ City managers.

I don’t know how Nigel is going to do it (I’m sure he can do it) but he needs to get a spring back in the attacking step and get us to the relative heights of mid table mediocrity that I for one so desperately crave for this season.

My ambition as a long standing cynical old City fan is low at the moment but for my sins I will be back again & again, but even I like to be entertained just now and again, but I doubt there will be that many with me.


FanaticHull City Fanzine Issue 28



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