HCAFC March on the KCOM

Supporters from the protest group Hull City Action for Change tonight marched on the KCOM stadium ahead of tonight’s game against Sheffield United in front of the Sky Sports cameras.

As the group gathered near the Anlaby Road bus stops the crowds gradually grew with fans taking to a set of steps with a megaphone to voice their grievances with the Allams and to rally the crowd. The crowd eventually swelled to a few hundred chanting fans who made it clear they want the Allams out. The video below shows the start of the march with the fans blowing whistles and chanting “I’m City til I die!”

The march certainly attracted a lot of media attention with photographers everywhere and Sky Sports News in attendance. The fans began to march towards the ground chanting as they went. There was a mixture of Allam hating and Hull City AFC pride from the fans who are desperate to see the end of the Allam regime and see protest as their only option.

The crowd made it’s way towards the ground before entering the stadium bowl and congregating outside the West Stand reception. The chanting continued as the crowd grew as fans joined in before they made their way to the turnstiles. The protest orchestrated by HCAFC made it’s point but it remains to be seen whether anything will come of it apart from inevitable retaliation from Ehab.

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