City Ladies with coach Danny Johnson

1.. What is your full time occupation?

I’m the director of my own sports coaching company DJ Sportz.

2.. How long have you been involved in football. Do/did you play, if so who for and to what level of football did you get to?

I’ve been involved in football almost all my life, playing were ever I could as a child before playing for Blackpool as a youth. I played for Bishop Burton College whilst studying winning several titles in the national colleges league and also in the Armed Forces League. I played local football with Beverley Town and semi-pro football with Westella Willerby. I later went on to play pro in the Irish League. Clubs included Newry City, Armagh City, Ballyclare Comrades, Banbridge Town. After returning home I now play for Walkington.

3.. How long have you been involved with City Ladies, and when did you become head coach?

I joined Hull City Ladies three and a half years ago as Head Coach and to help drive the club in the right direction.

4.. What level coaching badges have you attained and what sort of timescale and work does it entail to get there?

I’m a UEFA B Coach and I will be looking to complete my UEFA A license in the near future. I think as a coach you can fly through your qualifications one after another but coaches must value experience too. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with and still work with some fantastic players and coaches. I believe in always learning and to have some top mentors, similarly I also try to help coaches who may just be starting their journey.

5.. How many hours per week does CL take up in your schedule (brief outline of how and when)?

I would say on average I do 30 hours work for Hull City Ladies a week. I’ve been called a workaholic and I would probably have to agree. It can be very stressful but rewarding too. Football is my life and always has been and always will be.

6.. Do you think the standard of Ladies football is improving year on year?

Without a doubt.  I have seen it first hand at Hull City Ladies were each year I think surely this is the best squad ever, however we continue to get stronger year upon year. This region has some incredible young talent and I see those who have that passion join us at Hull City Girls Player Development Centres which is supported by Wyke 6th Form College which has had several female players from Hull City Ladies who have done well, most recently Elisha Robinson who left us this summer to play and study over in America.

7.. Do you think the FA do enough or invest enough money into the grassroots of the Ladies game, especially with the recent success of the England women’s team?

Yes I think the FA are doing a tremendous job with ladies and girls football. The latest initiative to double participation figures by 2020 proves the ambition and support they have for the female game.

8.. Of the current squad at CL, could any of them go on to play for the national team?

Why not? You only have to look at Jamie Vardy and Leicester City in the mens game to know that with hard work, dedication, ambition and good attitude then sure its possible. We have a lot of young talented players, however I know too well that talent alone doesn’t make great players, especially England Senior Internationals.

9.. What are the realistic ambitions for the club for the next 5 years?

To be playing in the Women’s Super League. I honestly believe that with the right support off the field we can have our City competing at the highest level in women’s football.

10.. Between yourself and Rachel, who plays the good cop and who plays the bad one?

Rachel would be the good cop and I would be the bad cop. This can’t be defined in any one area though. Those who know me understand I have a reason behind everything, and analyse and reflect over everything. We are very good friends but understand the importance of challenging each other and we have a similar rapport with the players too.


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