Hall Road Rangers Crowned Champions after win at Campion!

Hall Road Rangers have today been crowned as champions of the Northern Counties East League Division 1 after a 2-1 victory at Campion AFC.Going into the game the players knew all they had to do was win and they would be crowned champions and thankfully they kept their nerve and got the job done!

Rangers got off to a perfect start when Josh Batty opened the scoring after just 9 minutes. As it was they were champions and they almost made that more certain just a minute later when Chris Spinks almost scored a brilliant free kick.

hall road 2

Josh Batty celebrates opening the scoring

Soon after this though it all went wrong or it looked like it had for Hall Road. Gareth Owens gave away a penalty and was sent off. The penalty was converted making it 1-1 with Hall Road down to 10 men with a long way to go in the game.

It could have all fallen apart at this point but incredibly just four minutes later Hall Road were back in front. Josh Batty scored his second of the game when he tapped home after the keeper had placed the ball for a goal kick without realising where Batty was. A bizarre goal but a crucial one!

Hall Road took their slender lead into half time with little threat to their goal before the break. At the start of the second half Hall Road were looking to kill the game off but the Campion goalkeeper was on hand to deny 3 different players with some excellent saves.

The home side then had a period of dominance which you would probably expect with their man advantage but Hall Road held firm to seal the league title! The scenes of celebration at the end told their own story as the Hall Road players celebrated their brilliant achievement this season.

We would like to extend our congratulations to everyone involved with the club for their remarkable season and being crowned champions is exactly what they deserve! Enjoy the party lads!


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