City’s controversial membership scheme set to cause more furore.

Membership renewal packs started landing on the doormats of Hull City fans this morning with some amendments that will not go down too well with many.

Arguably the most controversial part of the scheme that irked thousands of the black and amber fans stays, NO concessions anywhere  the KCOM. So if you’re 8, 38 or 85 and sit together then you pay the same price for your entrance, though existing senior patrons (+65) or youngsters (under 18) will get priority in moving their seats into the cheaper family zone, which includes the entire South stand were all seats, irrespective of position will cost members £21 per month. The club are planning on this stand becoming a child friendly area and will hold a series of events to encourage this.

Both ends of the stadium (North & South stands) will be kept as one zonal price (£21 per month), this season prices behind the goals were more expensive but will be the same price across the board. Some fans will therefore benefit from price reductions especially those who choose to sit in some areas of the North stand will make a saving of £13.50 per month, but by restructuring the stadium zones and making more ‘cheaper seats’ available it means some areas in the East stand due to becoming a smaller area will see a price increase up from £21 to £27 per month. The most expensive seats at the KCOM will see a monthly reduction of £1.50 down from £40.50 down to £39.

One major baffling change is the complete closure of the West stand upper, Ehab Allam stating ‘running costs’ been the major contributory factor to this decision and all existing members in that stand will have 2 choices, relocate to another part of the stadium or cancel their membership. Many fans have frequented this area of the stadium since day 1 of the Tigers tenure of the KCOM and will not be happy at been effectively evicted from their chosen seats so the club can save a few quid, and if enough of these people take the latter option then this may well be counter productive and costly to the club. What does this decision say about the Allam’s ambition to grow the clubs fan base, if they think it can afford to close down a significant number of seats, especially if they manage to somehow stay in the top flight?

The official line that the club will trot out is that a lot more ‘cheap’ seats will be available, so they are looking after the fans’ pockets, but in truth fans would rather have the choice on how they spend THEIR money and sit were they want and not be dictated to by a regime who don’t necessarily care whether they turn up or not.

It remains to be seen if the ‘encouraging’ uptake of renewals and new member enquires the club say they are experiencing come to fruition in August when the Tigers new season will start, be that in the Premier League or the Championship, prices will remain the same for either league but the attendances won’t.

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