Feeling tired and lethargic at work?

These are all clear signs of your stress hormones being high at incorrect times of the day and elevations in your blood sugar levels, possibly from poor food choices. The same hormone that brings down high-carbohydrate foods, insulin, also has a linear relationship to the hormone which makes you sleep, melatonin…no wonder people grab a coffee to perk up, but this just leads to a temporary boost before the downward spiral happens all over again.
Why not try snacking on protein and fat based meals like nuts, avocados and protein shakes between main meals to stabilise your blood-sugar and elevate your metabolism. Limit coffee to mornings and certainly cut back on any sugar in it….get a takeaway cup and go for a walk, if you can try to get some fresh air for 10minutes! Natural light on the skin does wonders, even if there isn’t any sunshine, and I promise it will make you feel better than a temporary caffeine boost!
Ensue you have a bottle of water, BPA free, at your desk and sip as much as you can through the day.
The last tip, is 600mg of magnesium citrate before bed, it has minimal risk but huge benefits. Most western people are deficient in it, and it’s clinically proven to reduce stress while improving deep sleep quality….leaving you refreshed and ready for the next day!
To recap:
– increase protein and fat snacks, not calories or carbs
– limit afternoon and evening coffee
– let the UV2 radiation touch the skin while taking a break
– sip your way through around 2 litres of water a day
– 600 mg of magnesium before bed for improved sleep
Try this approach for 2 weeks and see how much these small changes can make to how you feel.
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Dez’ bio
Nutritionist, Advanced Personal Trainer, GP Referral Qualified, Co-Founder of DNA-Health and Joint Director of the Temple gym.
Works with TV & Film actors, specialises in laboratory tests and using a nutritional approach to lower the impact of damaging prescription medication. Dez also looks after key staff in large businesses to ensure optimal health and fitness for them and their family.

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