FAC Ferriby 1-4 Macclesfield: A game of two halves.

Watching previous defeats we have occured, we have always put in a solid performace (or there abouts). For example against Forest Green. We was able to match them for periods of the game, knowing full well they were a team aiming for the title and quality wise are far ahead of us. It was a pretty close a affair when we visited Macclesfield in the league not long ago albeit against 10 men for most of the game. So coming into Saturdays tie we were always in with a chance of creating some history and getting into the first round of the FA Cup against the Silkmen.

We started with an early goal… a very early goal! After about 30-45 seconds courtesy of Vinny Mukendi at the back post and i thought for a second that we may actually have a big chance in this game even though there was still a long way to go. We went into the break level at 1-1 after conceding just before half time, which is never ideal. But i still had faith in the Villagers to go on and get another goal. We were still in the game possession wise and also creating chances. But i am afraid it went completely down the drain in the second half.

I can’t begin to explain the mistakes we were making from creating the oppurtunities to score goals to just passing around generally. It looked like we were being chased by a pack of hungry wolves. No real pressure coming from the opposition when we had the ball, but the passing was so aimless, even with small side passes which you would think is simple football. I am afraid Connor Oliver had the worst game of all. His long range passes finding nobody, lazy play in the centre of the park and was not moving with the ball when he had it at his feet, just booting it clear as soon as he had it. At one point, our captain Danny Clarke had to shout at the top of his voice for him to move because he simply wasn’t contributing to the effort the team was trying to make going forward.

It wasn’t just Oliver who was guilty. The rest of the team were just as static, especially when Macclesfield were attacking. Ferriby players were waiting for someone else to pick up the man instead of instinctively going for him themselves. Countless times i saw a Macclesfield player bringing the ball 15-20 yards forward before a Ferriby player went to try and stop him. As well as that, no one tried to make runs through to break the line of the defence and add to the first goal we scored.

It’s hard to coupe many more words then that, we was just not good enough. I know it is going to be a struggle this season we all know that but this game, like Steve Housham said, there was no heart and no desire. On a small positive, Kyle Wooton and Reece Thompson looked dangerous in patches, aswell as Vinny who has turned his performances around these last couple of weeks after getting some criticism from some of the Ferriby fans in previous games. But there is a lot of work to do in all areas of the field before we face Boreham Wood away on Saturday.

The fans are still behind the team 100% but the team need to dig deep and give 100% back on the  pitch.

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