NFU v Chester. A Game of missed oppurtunites

Coming into this game, after a run of consecutive defeats. You are just waiting for that game which could finally give you a turn of luck in the season ahead. And after the first half of our game on Tuesday night against Chester, i really thought that we could pull a result. Until .. Yeah we lost.. The sending off being the nail in the coffin.

We started very well unlike a lot of other games this season and was getting early chances. In the first twenty minutes or so we had enough chances to be 2, maybe even 3-0 up. Reece Thompsons miss was a howler. Took it past the keeper and all he had to do was shoot. But took far too long and was eventually blocked. I was screaming for him to shoot on the sideline! Situations like this need to be pounced on. We had other chances which were on target but straight at the goal keeper. It just seems like a lack of confidence in front of goal which we can’t go on like forever. Games are ticking away so we have to crack on. Our defence is looking solid, we get the odd mistake which needs to be cut out, like what happened for the Chester goal. But apart from that we are there. Our midfield is very strong, the likes of Russell and Clarke running round like headless chickens throughout the game creating opportunities along with wingbacks Topliss and Hare.

Ben Middleton was booked very early on for a challenge which didn’t even warrant a card. Stuff like this just doesn’t seem to go our way and decisions like this can have a lasting impact on a game. Which it did Tuesday night. It ended with another harsh booking and a sending off for Middleton who i feel has acclimatised well to life in the National League and was having a good game up until that moment. Refereeing decisions can’t always be criticised because you can’t go round saying a defeat is all down to them. But it does become stupid when players are getting booked 10 minutes into a game. Something I will be keeping an eye on.

I would also like to take the time to thank the players and staff for there generosity in helping fund the bus too Macclesfield. Us fans had a very good day even though in the end the result was disappointing. After yes, another harsh decision.

A big thanks especially to Steve Housham who constantly gives praises to the fans whenever he can. We do everything we can to make sure we get behind our boys and hopefully the results start following.

Hopefully we can get ourselves going again with a tough opposition in Forest Green visiting the Eon Visual Media Stadium

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