A Small Side Note..

I will be joining the Following Ferriby blog alongside Sam Shepherd, giving my insights into the games gone by aswell as upcoming fixtures. Also, new features will be revealed as this blog returns to full functionality. I would like to thank Sam again for the invitation to help him run ‘Following  Ferriby’, after the blog had great success with Sam at the helm in the past couples of years. I hope that we can bring back the same sort of attention which was first attracted back in 2012.

There is a lot of new things going around the club, especially with the new View From The Allotment End (VFTAE) fanzine, with Issue One releasing at the start of this season. It has been a hit with the Ferriby fans and also the non league community to this date. Credit to Darren and the plenty of writers which are helping to spread the word about North Ferriby and non league football in general. We hope we can do the same!

With Saturday fast approaching, look out for Match Reports for our next game against Southport which will be the start of a new era for Following Ferriby.


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