Ferriby on Tour at Kendal: Motorway Mayhem, Old Friends and an Amazing Win

Me and Smithers made the long trip to Kendal yesterday to watch Ferriby and the trip wasn’t without incident. We got on the bus at 10:30 and Les Hare announced there had been a crash on the M6 but he was hopeful it would be open when we got there. We set off and the journey ran smoothly until we were around 30 miles from Kendal. The M6 was still shut and this cause a huge tailback which we were now stuck in. After almost an hour of non movement Les phoned Kendal and asked for the kickoff to be delayed which thankfully it was.Boredom was setting in and we seemed to be going nowhere. It didn’t look good. 

Finally we reached a turnoff and the driver skillfully drove us around small windy back roads until we eventually reached Kendal at 3:30. After a two hour traffic jam and a 5 hour journey overall the players where itching to get a warm up going. The ref confirmed the kick off would now be 4:30 so me and Dan set about getting some food because we where starving. The pie and peas (£2) was hot and tasty and filled a gap, well worth the money. We took a stroll around the ground which was old and tired but had plenty of character. It was one of my favourite grounds in our league. Around ten minutes before kick off I met up with an old friend Tom Jellis who I see about once a season. He had travelled up from Brighton where he had watched his beloved Sheffield Wednesday lose the night before. 

We had a good catch up and as the match started he even had some banter with our resident blades fan Ron. Thankfully after the Motorway hell Ferriby played very well and ran out comfortable winners 2-4. In the second half we had sat in the main stand which was less than comfortable, some of the Kendal regulars had brought cushions. Luckily the rain kept away until the last ten minutes and after the game we headed into the clubhouse to check on the other results. 

We were very pleased to find out Marine, Ashton, Chorley and FCUM had all dropped points this meant we were now only one point from the playoffs. The journey back was a lot better than our journey there and the whole coach was in very high spirits with everyone in fits of laughter over the banter between Gregg Anderson and Nathan Peat. 

So we arrived back in Ferriby at 10pm. The 12 hour trip started badly but ended brilliantly and was a trip to remember. Me and Smithers again picked a brilliant trip after out trip to whitby last year. Next up whitby at home on tuesday.


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