The Referee (Buxton Game)

The referee (Buxton Game)

The referee had in mind before the game kicked off to Give a free kick to Buxton every time Ferriby placed a finger on opposition. The referee was the most inconsistent ref I have ever seen. The Ferriby players where getting worked up with some of his decisions. The Ferriby players putting in some hard tackles which gave the ref a excuse to relish some cards. Im not really sure why they where linesmen there, all they did was watch and tun up and down the line. There was also some Fergie time at the end of the match with 4 mins added on. In which they scored after the 4 mins.

This is what Liam King had to say on twitter- @LiamKing87: Definately the harshest game I’ve ever played in. 96th min equaliser when only 4 mins injury time. Plus it was a worldy strike. #harsh

Lee Morris with his view also from twitter- @leemoz9: Gutted wi dropping 2 points in 95 th min but to be honest prob fair result #FootballisBack

We can’t take anything away from Buxton, they where quite a strong team. Bring on Worksop. Hope to come back with a win on the board.

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