Ground Review. Barton

The first impressions of the Euronics ground as you walk towards it are that it is a good little ground providing the league Barton play in, it wouldn’t look out of place in the Northern premier league. The first thing you see is the sign welcoming you to the ground. The Euronics logo on the sign looked like it had been peeled off but this was the only thing wrong with the sign. Also there was no safety around the railway line next to the ground which we thought was dangerous. And also no safety near the ditch.

As we went to pay we were told that we wouldn’t be allowed to enter the ground if we were paying child price. So we said we were 16 and were eventually granted entrance. However one of us is 15 so he had to pay child prices so I had to accompany him into the ground. We thought that Barton were been unfair here because if a group of 15 year old wanted to watch a game they wouldn’t be able to enter.

When you enter the ground you see the main stand on the opposite side. The main stand takes up around 1/3 of that side. The stand consists of white seating. The stand is overall of a good standard. However I would like to know the last time it was cleaned as there was a dead bird laying there which is a bit unhygienic. On the far end of the ground is two small standing stands. They have metal steps and a plastic on the sides so you can look out. One of these stands had become our home for the second of the 45 minutes. The metal would be good to make some noise if you were playing there in a league game. I was impressed overall with the three sheltered areas.

The clubhouse was relatively good. There was a nice atmosphere inside like the rest of the ground. We sat in the near corner next to the window where you could see half of the pitch. The seats in the club house were comfy. I never went to the bar but my fellow ground reviewer Dan Smith did and I asked him what he thought of the bar and he said that there wasn’t much to choose from. There was food available but we never ate anything at the ground.

The pitch itself was not of the best quality. Half of the grass was dead and it was difficult to see the pitch markings. You could also see that this was a problem for Ferriby as they were unable to play their normal passing game. Three of the corner flags were bent which gave little room for the corner takers. You really have to ask who has been looking after the pitch as it was in a real state. Also the grass in the ground was too long and also the hedges needed a trim.

Overall I was pleased with the ground.

Ground rating 6/10

Ground rating for its league 8/10

By Ashley Walker and Daniel Smith

Pictures to follow

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