On our Travels: Barton 12th July 2012

So the 12th July arrived and that could only mean one thing…. FOOTBALL WAS BACK! Well for us North Ferriby fans it was anyway. Ferriby made the short trip over the humber bridge to face Barton town old boys and of course we where there to watch. We met up in the Humber Bridge car park and at 17:35 we caught the 350 bus or the “Humber Fastcat” as it is more commonly known. The journey was short but the Humber bridge did look magnificent as it always does. The bus meandered it’s way through Barton and arrived at Barton rail station at 17:45. We had two hours to kill before kick off so we headed for the local fish and chip shop “Taz’s Fish Bar”. Barton seemed a very quiet town with not many people around and when we arrived the chip shop wasn’t busy. Haddock, chips and Peas cost me £4.95 which was pretty reasonable. We took our food and ate it as we wandered back towards Barton’s ground this was when Dan discovered there was curry sauce all over his chips which he hadn’t asked for haha. Somehow on the way we managed to start arguing about Rugby League which was quite entertaining.

We arrived at the ground at around 18:45 and watched as players drove in to the ground. We noticed a rather tacky sign welcoming you to the Euronics ground. The word Euronics had clearly been stuck over the previous name of the ground and this made it look cheap and tacky (more on this in the ground review). After around ten minutes we went to the turnstiles and the rather stern old man who was manning the turnstile demanded to know how old we where and told us if we were under 16 we wouldn’t be allowed in without an adult. So Ash became Dan’s dad for the evening because he is only 15. We where charged £4 to get in which I found expensive compared to the £2 me and Ash payed last year for the same fixture. We saw that our team was warming up (Barton hadn’t emerged yet) We headed straight to the clubhouse and met up with some of the other Ferriby regulars who we hadn’t seen for a couple of months. The banter between me and Ron (Ferriby’s legendary fan) started almost immediately. With him being a Sheffield United fan and me Manchester United we had both had bad finishes to last season and this meant we had a lot to mock each other about. On a serious note the general feeling amongst the fans was that Ferriby had recruited well for the coming season.

As kick off time approached we headed outside and behind one of the goals, although we didn’t really know when the match would start because Barton’s website said 19:45 and Ferriby’s said 19:30. It turned out to be 19:45. We realised we had chosen the wrong end when the teams emerged and proceeded to walk round the ground to the other goal. On the way round we noticed a dead bird in the stand which was not nice and will be mentioned in Ash and Dan’s ground review.

My match report will follow later so I am not going to talk in detail about the game in this post. After an entertaining first half Ferriby led 1-0 through a sixth minute goal from new striker Jack muldoon.

At half time I managed to hopefully get this blog in the Ferriby programme during the season because a lot of Ferriby fans have read it and think it is good so if we are mentioned in the programme it will give us more publicity. When discussing this with the head of the supporters club he asked me if we could supply the match report for the Chester friendly on the 4th August and this would be used in the programme at Ferriby’s next home game. I said we would and this is a great privilege for the Blog.

We then  went to the other end of the pitch for the start of the second half. The second half was equally as entertaining as the first, apart from the one annoying thing which was the constant clicking of Ash’s camera as he tried to get the perfect “action shot”

The match ended 3-0 and the goalscorers where Lee Morris and Jack Muldoon (2) We agreed Muldoon was our Man of the Match because of his excellent work rate and his two goals especially the second which was a 25 yard screamer.

We headed back to Barton Rail station to catch the bus. It was quite a nervous wait because their where about 20 drunken men and women in the bus stop and let’s just say Barton isn’t the greatest place to be on a night. The bus arrived 5 minutes late at 21:55 and we had to jostle our way past the drunks who where trying to find lids for their alcohol otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed on the bus. Thankfully the bus soon set off and we where back on the Humber Bridge in no time, which incidentally looked spectacular when lit up in the dark. We got off the bus just after the bridge and walked or in Liam’s case sprinted back to the car.

Overall it was a good night and an entertaining match. I was pleased with the squad and I don’t envy the selection headache Billy heath will have at the start of the season. It’s safe to say that last night at Barton we all got the football BUZZ back.

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