My thoughts on Barton game

We all had an insight on how each and every player works last night. It was a very good performance from the squad overall. Last season we lost 2-1 to Barton and last night 3-0 to the mighty Ferriby with two goals from Jack Muldoon and a headed goal from Lee Morris.

I have to say there where a few clever moves in the game with some one twos, back heels and flicks. The defence didn’t have to much to do in the game overall. I noticed a lot of positive runs from Steve Gardener on the right and Nathan Peat on the left giving more of an option to the player on the ball.

The next few pre season games are vital for the players to impress Billy Heath and the management team. Billy will be looking for the best combination and players that link together well.

The stand out player was Jack Muldoon with his two goals on his first game for Ferriby. Jack is a very clever player making runs through the defence whenever possible which was shown with the first goal where he used his strength to get past a defender and slot it past the keeper in the bottom right corner, Jack also proved that he’s not shy to have a go from outside of the box with his shot from about 22 yards out into the bottom left corner of the goal with the keeper unable to push it past the post.

Obviously we didn’t see the players long enough to look in detail at each players strengths and weaknesses. In a few games we will have more of a clear picture of the players and how they combine together.

Now let’s go beat Hull City on Monday.

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