Voluntary work at Ferriby. A tale of two benches, Green eyelids, White spirit and the Incredible hulk


Ferriby’s Chairman Les Hare requested help at the ground today doing odd jobs. With GCSE’s over and nothing better to do we were more than happy to help. We arrived at around 2:10pm (10 mins late due to an incident with ash in a petrol station which we won’t go into and being stuck behind a lorry down a narrow lane) When we arrived Les had only three other helpers so he was glad of our help. He instructed us to split into pairs and paint a bench per pair. These are new benches that are replacing some old seats. We took our equipment and got to work. Immediately me and ash struck a problem because his paint brush was too big and this caused him to make a huge mess everywhere. He was also useless with the paint and let it drip everywhere. We were then amused by seeing someone had scralled the word “ultras” in green paint up a gurder holding the stand up. The paintwork was looking good, well my half of the bench was anyway, so we went to check on the others. We couldn’t help but laugh at liam who had managed to get paint onto his eyelids. He looked like a drag queen. They had rushed their bench so although it was finished you could still see pieces of metal through the paint. They still claimed they had finished and so came to mock us as we tried to finish our bench. As you can see in the picture i had to bend down to paint the underside of the bench and this caused my arm to be covered in green paint not a pretty sight. The mocking from the other two continued but eventually I finished the bench, with little help from Ash who only suceeded in making a mess (that is an exxageration) he did help really. So we walked back round our magnificent ground, the pitch is looking splendid I might add, and told Les we had finished. One of his helpers took one look at us and said he was going to get something. He came back with a large bottle of white spirit and told us to get the paint off ourselves using that. I could feel myself going up the flames and could hear the ambulance sirens but i had so much paint on me I didn’t care. Our reward for our work was a coke and a mars bar or in hicky’s case  snickers. Me and Ash stayed to clear the paint mess up on the promise that Les would give us an Interview for this blog which he kindly did and I will post later. I had to run to catch the 16:38 train to brough. I didn’t have to pay because no one checked if i had a ticket so this was a nice bonus. When i walked in my mum simply proclaimed “You look like the Incredible Hulk” Was that down to my huge muscles, no just the green paint I think.

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